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  1. Underground legend, you say. I request enlightenment...
  2. I didn't have high hopes, but this is quite good. It feels like a concession that his true skill is using samples and textures that convey a certain kind of quiet, hazy intimacy. His earlier releases combined that with beats that caught the moment, but ultimately he's a bit of a rhythmic one-trick pony perhaps (much as I kept half wanting Antidawn to drop a good bunn dadunkadun bok). I enjoy how Antidawn lets the sounds move in and out of focus without feeling like they need to fill minutes of beat-driven track – which ultimately makes it feel quite fast moving for all of its sparseness. I'll concede that these are good vapors, and the play length really does fly by.
  3. Between Shift Register, Inside, and now this, VC-118A has achieved autobuy status.
  4. Surprised that none of y'all electroheads posted this one already. https://2020vision.bandcamp.com/album/vis322-exposure-to-winds
  5. This thread deserves a bump! Quite a lovely album.
  6. True words - this is good! Many thanks for the vibes, Rbrmyofr.
  7. Whoa, I haven't listened to Strange or Funny-Haha? in like... a decade or two.
  8. Oh duh. Literally on same bandcamp page. This is pretty cool! Dare I call it dub space post rock?
  9. Helva is really pretty superb innit. Some Global Communication vibes at times.
  10. "This Is A CD Only Release **NO DIGITAL** Like The Good Old Days" Message from FSOLdigital: NO DIGITAL Come on, guys.
  11. Bump for justice, deserves more attention. Who is this guy and more please?
  12. Dis is nice: https://erik-wollo.bandcamp.com/album/sources Ahead of its time even. Fav track: https://erik-wollo.bandcamp.com/track/soft-journey
  13. Waking Up on 76 is the secret bonus track for Hard Normal Daddy.
  14. I searched and searched, simply refusing to accept that nobody had posted about this bit of electro sweetness. But in the end, I must accept - there has been an oversight. https://chaindata.bandcamp.com/album/shift-register-lp
  15. Tidy little EP of very lovely electro that seems to have been overlooked here. https://plant43.bandcamp.com/album/storm-control-plant43004
  16. Preview track here: https://blanckmass.bandcamp.com/album/in-ferneaux Feels like he's been absorbing that John Carpenter / Stranger Things energy. I think I kinda like BM through the filter of retro paranoia.
  17. This is nice. Has that Esem abstraction and detail, but meshed with some new elements. The title track almost puts me in mind of Cichlisuite.
  18. I can always count on you to catch my references from like a quarter century ago. You also must be painfully old. (By the way, Sun Electric on bandcamp: https://sunelectric.bandcamp.com/ )
  19. Oo track 12 gives me the tinglies. I think this might be near the best thing Aleksi has released.
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