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  1. Who is this Aleksey Sean always talking about?
  2. Really digging the chill beats so far!!
  3. Sick Gescom tunes.. Very Skam over it 🙂
  5. I selling ecstasy, MDMA, cocaine "maybe ask her"
  6. Lee Skratch Perry went totally mad in this reggae rap dub freestyle thing my god is so weird
  7. This album Is amazing! specially with closed back headphones. It is much better compare to his older releases. There is tons of interesting sounds and textures in the tracks and the bass is so beefy.. Very chunky and dubby album! I think this one goes to the top of greatest albums this year 💜
  8. Just search Spotify top 100 and you got it
  9. Dream Sequence is one of the best albums this year so you deserve all the creds 👌
  10. Yes indeed, I thought always that Milk DX track was a sample from Milk D rap and processed but It was not when I asked Sean.. It was all Yamaha DX100 pitch bend.. So sick! They know tons of tricks and stuff, Sean said before that he learn the gear he have 100% and that means exploring every aspects of it. I just don't understand how time consuming that is.. I guess they working very fast and effective with everything they have. RDJ got the question if he have tried the Polyend Tracker "Not at all, only played around with it little for 20 hours or so.." 20 hours is like nothing for them lol
  11. Yes indeed, my favorite is the album Frame. He master the clicky stuff also very well
  12. cern


    10 years ago for the second time the doctors found cancer had spred thru my uncles body. After been hospitalized The doctors were very sure that he didn't have long time maximum 2 years to survive. His wife had left him and his condition had worsen and he got into a long painful chemotherapy treatment. Why not just end it right there right? I mean nothing left for him.. Nothing to live for, only suffering. Well he sold his house and bought a new one in Thailand. Just eating healthy, have lots of fun, party a lot and he is now still alive and a very happy man. Many who are suffering is saying there is nothing to live for etc.. I think that you can turn around that way of thinking no matter how bad things go really. Well if you laying on a deathbed and can never speak or move again ever period then Im open for death help.
  13. cern


    Im sorry to hear, this is something you need to go thru the hard way. Aside from the Divorce-procedure which I think is complicated process in the states try to spent time on the gym, do so many things you can do that only do good for yourself. Try to put your mindset in a new direction you know. Let yourself grow more as person in this hard times is fully possible. I know there is gonna be alot of pain and dark thoughts but you can go thru it by focus on stuff you you really like to do and makes you feel good. Don't be a murderer and kill yourself or something.. Everything of this can turn out to be very good for you in long term.
  14. Yes, sorry but we only accept aliens 👽
  15. With Raspberry pi's and small Aurdrino computers I would be pretty worried about latency and so on.. Maybe that is better now days.
  16. Isn't it better to just use a Midi controller to control the audio sources? Or maybe I miss the Headless fun
  17. Yeah it is pretty much.. Now we can say if you want to have a 100% complete Max/Msp setup it will cost like $800 The Ableton Live Suite seems more tempting and affordable comparing with that.
  18. Haha! you joked with this Rephlex statement also right? You got me believe in that for a second also! 😁 JK Broadrick’s lush dream-pop jungle project finds its target on LA’s Give/Take a decade since it was due for issue on AFX’s Rephlex (RIP), now beautifully finished with heart-in-mouth harmonic structures and thizzing breaks that hark to his classic Jesu gear.
  19. Haha when I hear It now I just want to turn it off! No the real reason is that Grant Wilson clarkridge or whatever his name is and Richard D James was too lazy for maintaining and make profit of it. This is all just weird shit JK Broadrick’s lush dream-pop jungle project, decade since it was due for issue on AFX’s Rephlex beautifully finished with heart-in-mouth harmonic structures
  20. Aphex Twin looped that Rain Season track in every set 2011.. pretty solid dnb. This is way different.. Sounds like Trip Hop stuff
  21. Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch ofc! https://hypermammut.sourceforge.net/paulstretch/
  22. So what is RNBO? Is it just a converter tool inside Max/Msp for converting your Max/Msp-programs to VST etc? Or is it a full program that works exactly as max but different functions + u can convert your programs you doing in RNBO? If so then it is better to buy RNBO instead of max to get more use of it or what? Both having the same price and all
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