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  1. I agree with him until he says "then the theorists come after". Theory doesn't come exclusively from formal theorists. Sometimes a musician or a composer is a formal theorist. Sometimes a theory is formulated first, then decades of music follows - as with Schönberg's serialism/twelve tone technique.
  2. Theory and practice inform each other in a dialectic relationship all the time. An example --> modal jazz was born out of an intellectual/theoretical realisation that functional harmony had hit an end point with be bop. Some new rules/dogmas/conventions were formulated and a whole new field of improvisational jazz was opened up. Subsequently, new theory arose from this new music. What was the main driver for musical innovation in the 20th century? Within popular music, new instruments and new technology were probably most important. The electric guitar, distortion, multi track recordi
  3. psn

    The Tuss

    Goodbye Russ
  4. Some of the freshest stuff around for the last few years. Awesome production on all of it, too.
  5. psn

    The Tuss

    Tussy vibes.
  6. Four to the floor vs backbeat. Loopy vs pop song structures.
  7. Only one copy left on Bandcamp...😀
  8. Isn't that the whole point with YouTube Premium Music?
  9. Bandcamp is streaming, though. 😁👍
  10. The opener is some mad tight FM funk, though.
  11. Spotify Premium = 320 kbps Spotify Hifi = lossless
  12. Was on FB from ~2007 and it was a bit of lulz for a while. Got sick of the whole thing and nuked the account about 8 years ago. Never looked back, it was simply a great relief.
  13. Young Pusher: https://www.instagram.com/p/COiQi-9hTJy/?igshid=xemdna3abg6j
  14. For flexibility you'd need one of their drum boxes. I'd say the Rytm for analog sounds (does nice mono synth sounds too) or the Octatrack/Digitakt if you wanna sample.
  15. Getting my first jabadabadoo this week.
  16. Stone cold killer ^ :D
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