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  1. The song selection is great, no qualms there. Exceeded my expectations.
  2. I'm pretty sure it was Doxa Sinistra. They're pretty big in certain local areas.
  3. Much much better isn't it?
  4. It's a 2 hour loop of Gasolina
  5. Best thing I've heard from him in years and years and years.
  6. Broke up with longtime partner and I am unable to get much enjoyment from anything. Current mood: ps. not suicidal
  7. You guys are overthinking this. It's 90% weed, 1% pressing randomise, .5% pressing play and 8.5% editing the results. I can't tell you how I know this for a fact, but I do.
  8. Do you fall with every woman that talks to you cheeseburger? *in love
  9. Haha, yeah I was wondering about that
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