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  1. Forgot about this, I think I still have an old account. Is it possible to jump in this late?
  2. Caffeine seems pretty out there if spiders are to be trusted. I guess alcohol would kill it?
  3. Apparently I remembered wrong, the pizza is called Tropicana and is tomato sauce, cheese, pineapple, banana, curry and "ham" (which is in reality grated spam). It's one of the most popular pizzas over there? JFC
  4. I guess the behringer crave, which is a clone of the mother 32 didn't sell all that well because they didn't call it smoother 32 or something, so now they just go all out on the winks.
  5. Did he die in a crash with someone famous?
  6. Gocab


    So it's some top secret weapon, yay. USA USA USA
  7. This is true, it's all about the feeling. I'm always on edge, unable to really listen unless I've paid for the highest possible quality, out of fear of missing out on some hiss or high fidelity whine that I would've been able to hear a decade ago.
  8. Gocab


    UFOs until proven otherwise.
  9. I'm pretty sure I saw a pizza with cheese, tomato sauce, sweet potato and banana on a menu somewhere in Sweden. Think about it.
  10. Bad music sounds bad in most bitrates, might sound better if you absolutely crush it. Good music tends to be good regardless. I guess there's some microhouse and minimal glitch stuff with reaaally high frequency beeps and glops that would indeed sound better in wav/flac. Wait, thats not IDM. Shame on me.
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