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  1. Too many new streaming services, segregating the market and premium exclusive content. They're fucking it up for themselves. That's why memes, because piracy is the only logical conclusion. Who's going to subscribe to 6 different services?
  2. Both lemonparty and warp seem fine to me 🤷‍♂️
  3. Yeah, it was alright. Werner Herzog was a pleasant surprise.
  4. I'm watching Swamp thing for some reason. There's some decent body horror in the first episode, hope it holds up.
  5. According to the digital foundry analysis the game looks and runs great on the PS4. Upgrading to pro now is just dumb, buy it now play it on PS4, then you can replay it on your PS5 in a year if you really love it.
  6. Yes, because Lenny Kravitz =/=Nina Kraviz.
  7. I'll probably buy a handful of them and turn them into impractical lunch boxes.
  8. Yeah, it's impossible to hear what it sounds like without those high high frequencies.
  9. Horace and Pete is great, love the theme song.
  10. That promo video is the most digustingly cringeworthy thing I've seen in forever, no need to be so apologetic squee. Not the other one, this one
  11. Where's the damned bass music theBro? Don't leave us hanging
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