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  1. Nah, but once upon a time and inglourious basterds are worth a watch imho.
  2. Ugh, I guess it can't get much worse than the other sequels.
  3. It was a real mess, but it had it's heart in the right place. Baskin is maybe worth checking out, also full of flaws. Annihilation, the endless. Mandy, not really cosmic per se, but I'd stick it in there anyway.
  4. I'm not shocked about the anti-Semitic jokes, just about the banning of our one token Jew and contrarian. I always enjoyed his reviews. Also, sorry about any spectrum jokes, I always felt they were a part of the comradery in here. More a token of approval and pride in being on the spectrum than trying to put anyone down. Please don't ever ban schlitze, if he goes I go.
  5. I'm more shocked about the antisemitism than the autism tbqf
  6. If this works well in psvr I think I will be lost to the world for a while.
  7. Man wearing TV on head caught on camera leaving old TVs on Virginia front porches https://6abc.com/man-wearing-tv-on-head-caught-on-camera-leaving-old-tvs-on-porches/5462579/?fbclid=IwAR0wQWkXLxerAzvyMg4sPpAkpGJD3v2NLz1HjtKiHA_T2XR47GbiKxIPQyQ
  8. I think it's that Slick Rick collab we've all been waiting for. Seriously though, why all the rappers? Because of the Yo's?
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