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  1. I sent a couple of faxes back an forth to rising high and fax records, wish I'd kept them. The record stores in my small town just weren't interested in carrying electronic music.
  2. Breaking news, your philodendron is a monstrous monstera
  3. Nonono, you mustn't play it, you must say it's really bad because you read some leaked plot points on the internet.
  4. Gocab

    Joyrex stop

    What are the odds of this thread getting pinned?
  5. I read somewhere watmm is dying. I think it was on watmm.
  6. Gocab


    lol no, science is a feeling
  7. If it wasn't on fox news how is he supposed to know
  8. My penis can enlarge and stiffen itself. No touching needed. It's pretty amazing, possibly some sort of super power or mutation? I'll try to grab and post some vids next time it happens. Definitely not making this up you guys.
  9. I refuse to acknowledge any of the non talking to the manager ladies as Karen
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