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0F.digital - isometry (3OP007)


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OUT NOW ! 24bit digital and USB Archive.

Preview :

0F.digital is Rob Curulli, a musician and creative technologist from Melbourne, Australia. He has been releasing music under various pseudonyms and band names (most notably: Modex, Pselodux, Rooftop Access, and Italianz) for over twenty years, in many different genres. 3OP is proud to unveil his latest work.

isometry cleverly guides the listener through different sonic territories: like distant planets, each abandoned by a long-extinct sentient culture, knowledge of which we can only derive from ancient artifacts and alien inscriptions. Yet deeper archaeology reveals common threads of relation.

While we're tempted to describe each track meticulously (we always are), and how we've responded emotionally to these, we prefer to talk about the album as whole. What keeps on striking us is how fiercely varied and intense isometry is. Blissful violence, serene lushness and refined rawness abound. isometry is fueled with euphoria, sonic assault and intricate melodic work.

It's a brilliantly paradoxical body of work, telescoping conflicting energies in a masterfully controlled and meaningful way. The experience is massive. The walls of sound are sublime.

.n & -E

Written and produced by Rob Curulli
Mastering by Nil Hartman
Picture by Andrew Bates
Artwork by Rob Curulli

Ps MASSIVE and delicate LP, all at once. Killer.

Edited by Nil
info added, and now released !
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Textured audio shuffling and glitchy abstracts take hold on isometry; where upper levels of sci-fi electronics and smudged rhythms interact and unfold. “blr–bend” is perhaps the quintessential combination of all that’s transpired before its sonic siblings—all manner of drones and tones collide with ethereal Autechrean landscapes as nuanced mechanical splinters slide through the subconscious. The abstracts continue to multiply; “m5:pera” reveals its static swirl and melodic, low-flying emotions. 0f.digital’s ability to craft extraterrestrial sound worlds that come alive (“isom in threes” and especially “newDwns” and its skittering, noisy beauty) provides isometry enough fuel to take us to uncharted galaxies. These articulating beats and raw analog machines bend and transform themselves, one track at a time. A baffling, and bumpy traverse.

Igloo says things.

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