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Guilty pleasures, or cheese you like...

Guest Conor74

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Guest Conor74

The Safety Dance (Men Without Hats)

All the original 12" remixes of Relax and Two Tribes

Fascist Groove Thang, Come Live With Me, Let's All Make A Bomb (Heaven 17)

I Won't Let You Down (PhD)

Different Strokes (Isotonik)

Fascinating Rhythm (Bass-o-matic)


Them's not cheese, them's bona fide classic. In fact the PhD song and the ones by Bass-o-matic and Isotonik would all make my top...100...


Here's another great tune from Heaven 17 btw...better than Fascist Grove Thang




Edit! How could I forget 'I Wish' by Skeelo?


That's another great tune. And from round about the same time...FUNK DAT...




Now here is cheese, that's also not bad (their best effort), from the mid 90s...



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is Paper Planes by M.I.A a guilty pleasure or is it genuinely "cool." i fucking love that song man. i loved it when it came out but i wasn't very active about it, and then i heard it on the radio last weekend and i was like, man i fucking love that song. so i downloaded it and i listen to it several times a day now. i cant get enough of that song.


Man. I partied so hard to this song!

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If I had to choose some ten or so random Madonna songs I have liked through the years the comp would probably reach dangerous God Like Autechre quality levels. Same with Depeche Mode.




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