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Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise


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01. etre

02. Colomb

03. Sunflower

04. Too Many Kids Finding Rain in the Dust

05. Keep Me There

06. I Got a Woman

07. Problems with the Sun

08. Space Is Only Noise If You Can See

09. Almost Fell

10. Balance Her In Between Your Eyes

11. Specters of the Future

12. Trace

13. Variations

14. etre

Two years since his debut on Wolf + Lamb, Jaar is one of the most acclaimed new artists in electronic music.

Though his first solo EP just came out this year, The Guardian has already compared him to Ricardo Villalobos and

Aphex Twin. At just 20 years old he's toured internationally, bringing his Chilean-flavored, hip-hop inflected deep

house live act to clubs like fabric, Panorama Bar and Bar 25, all while juggling the demands of being an undergrad at

Brown University. 2010 was his most active year yet, with a slew of 12-inches on Wolf + Lamb and its off-shoot,

Double Standard, as well as a recent digital compilation on his own imprint, Clown and Sunset.


Space Is Only Noise will be Jaar's second record on Circus Company, a left-field house label that seems perfectly

suited to his eclectic production style. According to a press release, the album features the same romantic panache

that has characterized much of Jaar's music to date, with off-kilter, melancholy grooves and lyrics delivered in

French, such as "How can you talk about a landscape without showing the sky and the earth?" Jaar will be

supporting the album with a series of live dates over the next two months.



nicolas jaar

circus company

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Guest Deep Fried Everything

this should be interesting.. his mix for RA last year got all the critics in a tizzy, but to me it seemed that was just because it was so strange and unconventional (not always a good or bad thing), but to my ears it wasn't particularly well-arranged, so not sure. plus he's really young too, i know.


however, the samples do sound promising!

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I picked this up in my local record store on friday, they do give me some great recommendations when I tell them the sort of stuff ive been listening too (the guys in the store seem to seriously know their sounds, I love it).


Yeah really enjoyed this album after the first listen, think it will grow on me too. Just noticed he is doing a fabric london gig soon, shame it is a wednesday evening though.

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Guest kineaesth

One of my favourite albums of the year, for sure. Incredibly new sounding production, some great ideas. The 12"'s he's released have some great moments, especially this one.

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