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Things that will disappear in the future.


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I'd honestly be surprised if WATMM is still online in 2012

That would be the end of MY world in 2012. :(

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prescription antidepressants (all that will be left is mdma and maybe some maoi in the clubs)


clothes for the sake of fashion

nuclear power plants (we'll still have a shit ton of radioactive matter left over for thousands of years tho)

phones and the internet (telepathy is on its way)

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Please, god ...



doing things for the rush, the adaptation, and the general backwardness of the act.


bull fucking shit! :angry:


white people

In big cities, yes. I defiantly see the change with years. I am part of an extinct species in Montreal.



defiantly and definitely are 2 different words.


You're defecately onto something here ...

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