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Things that will disappear in the future.


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but...how will i have marmite on toast then?




marmite will always be here. you'll just need find something else to spread it upon!

oh, wait, in the future there will be no knives, either... due to an increase in knife crime the NWO will ban all knives.

i guess i'll have to use the three seashells...

okay definetly going to have some toast now.


also: Facebook

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i met a girl who was just slightly asian and actually considered making babies with her. if we made babies, they'd probably just look white (although some weird people ask if i'm asian, so maybe not).. what would it take for white people to stop being around? i can imagine blondies/fair skinned people dissappearing. gary c has a black grandad, but he doesn't look black (not sure if that's true).


sorry for posting crap

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i should look in to whats happening with the amsterdam underground railway, i was convinced it would make the city collapse in to the sea sludge

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Guest dese manz hatin

white people

and black/yellow/brown people


it will all dissolve into one colour.







more appropriate (nsfw):








mishmash ahoi :sup:

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illness and mortality

religion, war...

hate, ignorance...




ceramic vegetables

food coloring in ground beef



System of a Down



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Harrison Ford. - we must not let this happen. Freeze Ford now. and Vangelis. and 'the BIg 3'.

and while we're at it we must defrost the real Steven Spielberg and George Lucas!


edit: and Ridley Scott

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Steve Jobs looks like the worst landlord i ever had and i think that lends itself well to me wanting steve jobs to die for no real reason other than the fact that i hate my ex landlord.

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