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Timeline of the Future


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Three of my favourite "milestones":

18,860 - Islamic and Gregorian calendars share the same year (20,860)
20,000 years - Chernobyl finally safe
5,000,000 - Males extinct due to weakening of Y chromosomes

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I am doubtful humans will exist beyond year 3000, lucky if we manage to 2500.


I like the idea of the KEO satellite time capsule, though. Their webpage seems a bit dodgy though, like a 1998 Geocities page.


From wiki

KEO, a space time capsule, will also carry a diamond that encases a drop of human blood chosen at random and samples of air, sea water, and earth.[5] The DNA of the human genome will be engraved on one of the diamond's facets. The satellite will also carry an astronomical clock that shows the current rotation rates of several pulsars, photographs of people of all cultures, and "the contemporary Library of Alexandria", an encyclopaedic compendium of current human knowledge.


Technical aspects[edit]


The messages and library will be encoded in glass-made radiation-resistant DVDs. Symbolic instructions in several formats will show the future finders how to build a DVD reader.

The satellite itself is a hollow sphere 80 cm in diameter. The sphere is engraved with a map of Earth and surrounded by an aluminium layer, a thermal layer and several layers of titanium and other heavy materials intertwined with vacuum. The sphere is resistant to cosmic radiation, atmosphere re-entry, space junk impacts, etc. For its first few years in orbit, KEO will sport a pair of wings 10 meters across that will aid in its spotting from Earth. As the satellite enters the atmosphere, the thermal layer will produce an artificial aurora to give a signal of the satellite's re-entry. The passive satellite will not carry any communications or propulsion systems. It will be launched by an Ariane 5 rocket into an orbit 1,800 km high, an altitude that will bring it back to Earth in 500 centuries, the same amount of time that has elapsed since early humans started to draw in cavern walls.

Too bad no one will be around to find it, if there were it would probably drop into the ocean and never be found.

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