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the video for "i dont care who you are" is seriously a masterpiece. its pitch perfect. every moment is hilarious, the whole thing comes together and forms into an absurd work of art. in some alternate world this video is famous and websites like Pitchfork include it in their best of lists.

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I really want to see Still Flowin': The Movie but I don't know if I want to spend four bucks on that...or if I'll be ok after watching it.



im ur teddy bear very rare dont ever 4 get that .....this is the r.a.e.d in his story and how the platform unfolded in the rap game they say but its no game its real and ull feel the goose bumps start cause he's the goose bumps stardem and u can feel on a discounted rate $4.00


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I'm starting to think he may be deaf and is unable to hear the beat he's supposed to flow over.

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So he sits there, punching in beats on his little step sequencer and tries to keep in sync with the progress bar on his screen. It's how he used to do it before he lost his hearing, so now he just keeps doing it. Nobody knows he went deaf, his crew all think deaf people are gay, and Raed definitely isn't gay. Just this one time when he accidentally in thailand. Fight on brave soldier.

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What are you talking about... Are you deaf?


This guy has a incredible sense of flow and rhythm. His lyrics and personality are second to none. The complete package.


I've never heard anyone being able to make so many catchy hooks as him.


NoooOOO000ooo WAAJJIiiiAAiiaai Noooooooo WAAAIJJJJeeeIIIIIIJIJIIiiiiii

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church in the wild y'all





he's also droppin mad rhymez in the comments




they cant comp re hend they cant comp be friends they comp see ends silly mother fuckers they hate cause they cant do it i wanna see you do a clip then let me comment on ur lame ass at fat mat or big matty same shit ur name is lamee

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