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the part where he forgets his own lyrics as a sort of play acting thing about halfway in is amazing, he's channeling David Lynch there, either that or he just went over his allotted heroin bag amount for the night



this guys music is a whole deep spiralling world of strangeness


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I hope he never gets his heart broken by a girl


Dude it's too late he got broken up with by that chick at the Christmas Barbeque man!

Like who dumps someone at the Christmas Barbeque man??!



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this thread is extremely offensive to anybody who suffers from autism, you guys should all be ashamed of yourselves for being so insensitive.


NoooOOO000ooo WAAJJIiiiAAiiaai Noooooooo WAAAIJJJJeeeIIIIIIJIJIIiiiiii

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