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Genre Appreciation Thread


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(searched for this and couldn't find it; sorry if it already exists)


I recently had a discussion with my sister about similarities within music taste. I think most people develop a taste for a few genres and stick to those and become an expert within the sub-categories of that, and then they think they listen to a lot of different music but really they've just attained an ear for a few genres.


I don't want to be like that. I want to listen to everything; to be able to hear the unique sonic qualities in every form of music. So here's a thread to post the widest variety of music possible. Listen to the above guy's music and then post something totally different. Go from rap to ambient, from pop to underground, from trip hop to black metal.


I've also often wanted to switch genres and I don't know where to go. It can take awhile to find a new genre if you're looking on your own. This should be a place to go when you're stuck in that position.




Post songs from a completely different genre as the last poster. I want a thread with the widest variety of music that the world has to offer. This should be a place to go when you're tired of what you're listening to but you can't find anything else.



I'll start with this, an artist which I could only find one reference to on this entire forum.


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Hey! That clip was 78 minutes long, and you answered after five, cheater!



I actually really like this. The beats are cool




(That vid isn't trolling by the way; I love Zeigenbock Kopf. They were on Tigerbeat6 I think.)

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