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Rotodrone - Yesterday's Jam

Guest rotodrone

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Guest rotodrone


Rotodrone - Yesterday's Jam


Here's a bunch of music I made last year, which has

been decaying on my hard drive for a while so it's

time it got out in to the big wide world.


Expect Rolands, videogame melodies, synths and funs.

Yeah nice!

  • 01. Capax Infiniti
  • 02. Anamie Anie
  • 03. Build A Rocket To The Moon
  • 04. Cosmik Future
  • 05. Elan Movt Fono
  • 06. My Fingers Are All Thumbs
  • 07. Kian En Varik
  • 08. Deep Water Bathysphere
  • 09. Xenophyophore
  • 10. Nitrogen Bubbles
  • 11. Thank You


^ download it from here


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Guest rotodrone

Oh cool, people checking this out already, awesome! Thanks for downloadin' and likin'!

Seeing as I can't edit the original post, here's a new one with an album sampler for anyone wanting to 'try' (see what it sounds like) before they 'buy' (click the download link and then forget about it).




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