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Godflesh - A World Lit Only By Fire


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In a recent interview with the French radio station Le 106, GODFLESH's Justin Broadrick stated about the band's forthcoming album — which is tentatively titled "A World Lit Only By Fire" and due in early 2014 — "It will be [musically] similar to the first two or three [GODFLESH albums]. I just think, like we're playing these shows, we feel very pure about we're doing and honoring the initial intentions with what we originally set out to do. Which, I think, like most bands and musicians and all the rest of it, by the time you get on to your fourth album, it's somewhat of a dilution going on to what you initially tried to achieve. It will definitely sound aggressive and it probably won't sound like any of the other records we've made, but it will have the minimalism of the first few records."




plus there's some new material coming out through Decibel mag in Oct

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Can't wait for this, although in general I remain rather skeptical when a metal band says they'll be making something 'like their first albums' that was decades ago. You know it ain't gonna be another Streetcleaner, but because of statements like these you keep high expectations.


Must be said though that Godflesh haven't made a bad record and seeing them live last year was one of the best moments in my concert history.

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there's a 4-track EP coming out on 4th June called Decline and Fall


1. Ringer
2. Dogbite
3. Playing With Fire
4. Decline & Fall

+ 2 japan bonus tracks

these are all apparently non-album tracks i.e. in addition to what will appear on the main LP. :w00t:

that album cover is straight Streetcleaner/Pure-era business.

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First new Godflesh track since 2001 is online:


I was secretly hoping for Streetcleaner style vocals, and the guitars could be a lot more smudgier maybe, but overall this is really fucking good. (Oh man, that last minute / riff, those basslines :music: )

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^ I still haven't had a chance to sit down properly and listen to Ringer.


some news from JKB regarding Decline & Fall:




GODFLESH 'Decline & Fall' EP on Avalanche Recordings can be bought across most the UK and EU on CD as of today, vinyl June 9th!

We will have CD & Digital (digital with 2 hidden bonus dubs found only on the Japanese domestic CD release on Daymare, digital as MP3, 24bit FLAC, etc) on the Avalanche Recs. Bandcamp store page next week, hopefully June 2nd. We will have approx. 200 CD's and around a week later if not earlier approx. 200 vinyl, if bought directly from us the digital comes free. Digital will also be available from all the usual outlets (itunes, emusic, rdio, spotify, etc etc) on June 2nd worldwide, the bonus tracks are ONLY available from Avalanche Recs. Bandcamp store.

USA and Rest Of World CD & Vinyl release is June 24th. Can also be pre-ordered from Amazon.com, etc for decent domestic prices.

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So.. what do you guys think? I like it. It's heavy and crunchy and industrial.. not bringing anything new to the table, but does it need to?

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out on 6/7 Oct!




01 New Dark Ages
02 Deadend
03 Shut Me Down
04 Life Giver Life Taker
05 Obeyed
06 Curse Us All
07 Carrion
08 Imperator
09 Towers of Emptiness
10 Forgive Our Fathers


by the looks and sounds of it, this album is going to speak to my soul.

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Damn Usagi, you just beat me to it, was just about to post that... sounds fucking wicked, really looking forward to the album



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