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Autechre - Kalpol Introl (live 1994)


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^ Cant remember which thread it was originally posted in so reupped :cisfor:




TBQH IMHO it's just as good as the live Karpool Intro, albeit a completely different beast entirely.


The link is dead :-(



http://ge.tt/4LFF7KB2/v/0 Live at Stormy Water(s)


Thanks so much for this! Where the heck do you get this stuff?!

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I was playing this track last friday night, but then my friend came over and said this sounded like generic hipster garbage :( lol


Oh man, my cousin once said he could conjure up a beat in under a minute easy that would ass-pound the Autechre track I let him hear. Which he then did. Safe to say I haven't stopped laughing ever since and don't plan to stop 'till this earth ends.


Actually, I feel bad for all the næysayers...

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Don't remember exactly, but it must've been an Untilted track.


I'm always curious about what people who pass Autechre off as crap like in music. Especially the ones who "know" what good music is.

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On 6/14/2022 at 8:59 PM, Satans Little Helper said:

Can someone please do a re-up? (it's not in the downloads section as far as i can tell)

I love this version and missed it the first time around! :flower:


Found this one in my folders. Not quite sure anymore where it comes from exactly.

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