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Squarepusher X Z-machines: Music For Robots - EP 05 April 2014

Guest murph

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So, going back to the Z Machines vid I spotted a link to the Japanase iTunes store.

This led me to search for it in my native store and apparently, an EP is coming out for this!


1. Remote Amber (2:23)

2. Sad Robot Goes Funny (5:13)

3. World Three (4:38)

4. Dissolver (7:16)

5. You Endless (3:50)


Expected release date is 7th of April.


I screencapped the thing if it gets taken out of the store again, but please do check yourselves

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NOTE: Most likey the title of this EP is Squarepusher & Z-Machines - Music For Robots - in Japan, the "X" (or cross) is meant for mashups or collaborations (e.g. Hunter X Hunter). HMV Japan lists it as "Squarepusher X Z-Machines".

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wut wut whatttttttttttttttt?




I imagine based on the times listed that "sad robot goes funny" is this??


holy shit, awesome concept. Hope we get some crazy drum breaks in the form of beefy mixed robot controlled drums. Seems like it might be on the 'light' jazz side. Reminds me of Zappa's Jazz from hell

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You know the nicest thing to me is that he has a girlfriend, and he isn't in spending his later years in some sort of self-induced hermetic isolation.

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