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Patronen - Patronen A


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awesome, thanks for posting.

rich james? the youtube channel that put these up a year ago (traciskin) has ktpa tracks (not the smojface ones) and a song called "patskin remix" (abbreviation for patrick tregaskin).that bandcamp page album description seems to include further hints and/or marketing devices: "after 20 years," "requesting that we keep the identity of the artist a secret." personally i don't really care if it's mr. james or not, i just thought it's worth posting that this has that motif.

the project is really nice, i'm psyched to have a quality download, I didn't expect it. the tracks have different titles than those on the youtube page (which are german words for numbers), but i think all the bandcamp material is on the youtube channel, though the bandcamp download seems to be better quality. there is more material on the youtube channel that is not on the bandcamp download (the most recent 3 videos if i'm not mistaken).

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no way these were produced between 1992-1994


Yeah, I agree. The whole thing sounds pretty post-Photodementia, down to those ridiculously swung mono synths.

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I'm guessing Cygnus, considering the other releases on the bandcamp label. Good stuff though.

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So I'm bumping this one because it deserves as much congrats as the second release imo. May I ask if there is any estimation of the release date for Patronen C ?

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