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Old Hexagon Sun member on the radio


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I run a radioshow every 2 weeks on Intergalactic FM and had former Hexagon Sun member Christ. on the show last friday, link and tracklist below.spacer.gif






radioshow tracklist =
Monks picks:
Premonition - Colin Towns (1983) [Chappell]
Lover's Wine - Ruth White (1969) [black Mass Rising]
i - SELA (2013) [self released bandcamp]
Meltinacid - Polysick (2012) [Planet Mu]
Tempo - D'Arcangelo (2013) [Audiovisual Designs]
Imperial Lounge (Maximillion) - Ceephax (2013) [WéMè Records]
Electro Works - Cylobotnia (2003) [Rephlex]
π Lon - Shammen Delly (2014) [section 27]
Abgeben - Ambient News (2011) [Cylob Industries]
Now We Are Six. christ.
1.nancy and the winter sky (2013, from ‘touched – music for Macmillan cancer support’)
2.slickorish boy (1996,4-track recording from ‘yugo 77’)
3.imploded view - above the contrails (Christ. remix)(2014)
4.little miss petshop (2011, written for my daughter to jump around to when she was a toddler)
5.happyfour-twenty live. (2013, recorded live in rehearsal with dave mcgeorge on drums)
6.dempsey (4-track recording from around 1993)
7.ganky (remixed by greenbank) (2007, unreleased)
8.event horizon they waited (2013, recorded live in rehearsal with dave mcgeorge on drums)
9.tomorrow’s world (2007- from ‘music volume 4 on benbecula records’ minerals series)
10.love/nausea (1996,4-track recording from ‘yugo 77’)
11.loxodromic curve (2003, unfinished out-take from ‘metamorphic reproduction miracle)
12.cordate live (2013, recorded live in rehearsal with dave mcgeorge on drums)
13.min-y-llan – ‘pictures in her mind’ (christ. remix)-(2014 from min-y-llan’s ‘a distant rainbow’, dropping on april 1st, all proceeds to Macmillan cancer support)
http://www.discogs.com/artist/31633-Christ (background info for those that don't know)

posting here for any and all that might perk their ears for this ;)



(also on mixcloud for those that prefer listening there....



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This is an amazing broadcast. I hope he releases this unreleased material!

he specifically asked me to keep it all stream only (as I usually let folks download my older broadcasts as a small mp3). So I'm guessing there will be some tasty forthcoming release ;)

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Great show--I'm glad you made it available to stream (I missed the original broadcast).


Looking forward to his releases this year. He mentioned on facebook that he's planning a re-release (or first official release, for some tracks) of older/obscure material and a new album later this year!

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PS: for those interested in the radioshow, I've been doing my best to keep this thread updated>>> http://forum.watmm.com/topic/78962-the-transmission-series/


suitably I always try and keep this page updated >>> https://intergalacticfm.com/page/terra_incognita/ as well as posting on IFM front page... if you don't have a free account with the radio station yet I highly suggest doing so, it's great for making lists of favourite tunes you've heard on the radios channels /I'm pretty sure it's quite easy to follow the Terra Incognita profile on there so you'll be alerted to any forthcoming shows/guests when I post on Intergalactic FMs news section or upload any previous broadcasts! (will be happening quite a bit soon! lots of old ones to get up on there! a lot of guests/music I'm sure most on WATMM would be interested in)

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Excellent show - beautiful stuff. Makes me happy to finally hear some of his really old tunes. And also, hearing this encouraged me to order Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle on vinyl! Can't wait to get it, that's always been my favorite of his releases.

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