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Patience rewarded: µ-Ziq soundcloud dump ongoing!!!


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Love to hear some of your unreleased gems.




Please sir, may I have some more?






Come on you cunts let's have some µ-Ziq acid.



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yea really

manna from breakbeat ambient jazz acidic heaven part 2 please




is that you?










[quietly dreams of hasty boom alert outtakes]

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I believe Mike has already released lots of (fantastic) outtakes, don't you think ? Most Kid Spatula material, Somerset Avenue Tracks...

I'd love to hear any unreleased gems of his though, don't get me wrong ! But I can't help thinking that Mike has already been quite generous when it comes to opening his archives.

Now, if only Squarepusher felt like sharing his rave n bass tunes...

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swan vesta is one of my all time favorite tracks ever. i would like to hear more of that era or alternative takes!

and we luv u, Mike! :wub:


and 14 Phix 1700 (u_v)!!!

all that album is just classics now



god i listen to it atm and i forgot how actually good it is. muziq theme rocks! 90s were so cool

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he is going through his old tapes

brace yourselves, watmmers




just wanted to add that i really really feel "Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique" and dont care what anyone thinks, one of my favorites, just as royal astronomy/urmur bile tracks


ok im done now

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sorry for being annoying, but i totally forgot about ease up v.i.p. - this shit makes me cry every time

this track is probably in top 5 idms ever made by humans, it's fucking so epic there is just no words

i once had it in a trip and that was...

thanks Mike! really.

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he is going through his old tapes but is all "no one cares about me" so Im not sure he will do it............................


Has he not seen this thread?

If Mike wasn't so damn busy running planet-mu (for which we are all eternally grateful - so much amazing music has come out on that label !), I'm sure he'd be just as prolific as RDJ.


And if it's any consolation, I think my u-ziq catalogue is more complete than my Aphex catalogue.


Edit: yes, would love that as a downloadable!

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New Tusken Raiders and Frost Jockey would be :catnope:


Ooohhh yes please!!! Damnit all on my hard drive at home - can't wait to go plug those in to the old speakers tonight to get baby bopping.


And really, how damn good is Hornet? All that filtery goodness around the 2:30 mark?

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