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Patience rewarded: µ-Ziq soundcloud dump ongoing!!!

Go to solution Solved by lipsvago,

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I didn't want to be pushy, so I wasn't begging, but I will if it'll help.


You, good sir, have before you the choice between granting us eternal happiness or unending despair. I will respect your decision, whatever it might be, I only ask that you be merciful in hearing our pleas for musical succour.

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Well I'm just gonna keep posting until he says it's not going to happen. And then I'm going to ignore him cause was obviously just being grumpy as usual, and I'm sure he didn't mean it.


Maybe there's a funky keyboard solo somewhere in those tapes. It's been so long since I heard a new Mike P crazy keyboard solo. Sigh. But that's okay, I'll just try to carry on.



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I have been going through tapes. Ones from 1982, with me and my friend Caspar singing in our school band 'Short Circuit' when we were 9 & 10, and 4-track stuff from 1986 (when i borrowed a recorder of someone) and 1989-91 (when i bought my own fostex 280). All pre-µ-ziq stuff. I found the first demo tracks I gave to a (pre-rephlex) aphex twin via my friend at college who knew him. This is all pre-sequencer stuff so played live onto a 4-track along with a (hr-16) drum machine. I started using a sequencer at my friends house in 1991 - but i already had all that stuff digitized.

I mean it's not all bad - Auqeam and Hector's House are from these 4-track sessions and they got released...

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