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Herva - Kila


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I'm somewhat of a Delsin follower so I picked up on him around the time of the Instant Broadcast release last year, I've just noticed I never posted in the topic but definitely had him in my noms for AOTY.


About this new one, first hearing of the clips suggests it's more intricate/complicated than his previous LP, but I haven't decided yet whether I think it's also as good (or better)...

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I like it, listened through about 4 times now. With Ital, ekoplekz and Polysick, im digging this weird 4/4 planet mu sound.


It takes elements of disco and house (and some slightly tougher techno elements) and chops them about enough to yield something new.


Its not glitched up for the sake of being glitched up - it seems very thoughtful. At one point there are so many layers going on (cant remember which track off hand sorry) but it all makes sense and sonically still sounds pleasing.


Favourite track is track 2, "Trying to fix invisible textures" where the track hits a crescendo part-way through then gets dumped into a sub-aquatic realm. Probably a bad description but I need to listen to it again.

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