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Ripatti - Fun Is Not A Straight Line


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I enjoyed it ?‍♂️ i didn't take it as some genre defining opus from sasu, just was nice to listen to, and a few tracks stuck out as better than the rest.   Will i probably like the jana rush pmu release more? yeah most likely.  But you can listen to Rakka I and II as well as fun is not a straight line, you don't have to choose just one.

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7 hours ago, Alcofribas said:

if anything this record has boomer energy

I like the album, but I also think this is spot on. I am 39 years old, do with this information what you feel appropriate 

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It's just weird that Sasu would put out an album of footwork shit when that trend has already come and gone so long ago and saying it's the kind of 'bad ass' shit he wishes was in clubs. And he's not really doing anything interesting with it either.  It's the musical equivalent of this meme


How do you do, fellow kids' has become the 'how do you do, fellow kids' of  memes - The Verge

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Huge fan of Sasu, but I have to agree with the above sentiments.  Not his best work by far.

Still really enjoying Rakka I and II immensely though.  And the Alternate versions/edits of Whistleblower he has been putting up on his fan club =

Quentin Tarantino Art GIF by hoppip

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