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Methyl Orange LP - 2x12"


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On 7/9/2023 at 3:59 AM, Hugh Mughnus said:

wait wait, there’s no way you’re also a Steve, is there?

Yes Mr Mungus. We’ve had this conversation before mate. Don’t you remember when I sold you those Ceephax records? Squirt some oil in that ol’ brain of yours ? 

Seeing as I’m here. I wonder if we will ever hear this record? Does this album have The Rome track on?

(maybe this has been discussed before and I need to squirt some oil into my ol’ brain ? )

PS Also glad I don’t post up really angry things anymore. It’s kind of amusing at the time when lubricated but horrible the next day.

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Oh yeah you’re right lol. Probably a few times we’ve had that convo tbh. But it was a good/easy way for us to revive this thread ?.

Would really like to see this released someday; seems like ole Tom doesn’t have any interest in releasing any of his archive material though even though he seems to have a ton of it…..

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I hinted at this early on in the thread, but I have it in my head that soundmurderer - todd osborn - has this as a 12".  I guess off Rich but maybe he's got the fast-track to Tom? anyone able to reach him?


also had a thought - just imagien they were on the new album and this Wenderlon track was part of the archive that we didn't know about? Zero chance but hey-ho.. nice to dream


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