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Methyl Orange LP - 2x12"


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On 6/26/2020 at 8:28 PM, goonstock said:

iirc, Aphex has said on SoundCloud that the Rome track has been “earmarked for release” 

Yep, just like Melodies from Mars, Spectral Musicians, etc. etc. etc.

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Given a certain "pommepusher" episode in a distant past, I don't expect anything to come from this. There's no charming TJ into doing favors for his fans. Or rather, some of his overly critical and moaning fans who largely ignored him since he went ebm. 

Would I be willing to shove some green paper into the hellish kickstarter pits? Yes, of course. Don't be so silly. It's just... Not gonna happen. Would be surprised if you hear anything. 

Also, even if Warp contact TJ about this, what are the odds TJ even responding? Close to nil, imoooooo. 

Sorry, ima disbeliever. Lovely idea though! 

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Part of me would actually do cartwheels down the street for these tunes. Another part of me has grown weary of thinking about great Warp artists releasing parts of their treasure troves.

Let's hope Tom will be in cartwheel mode

no one expected the Soundcloud Dump





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Now here's a thread I'd kill to see happening:

Squarepusher: Ufabulum †track by track written by SquarepusherWarp: Holy f***in' Shit, Methyl Orange LP really happening

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On 6/27/2020 at 1:06 AM, goonstock said:

Cylob played a few of the tracks on a radio show in 2003 

starting at 26:20

the second track after the time stamp is the first part of the rome track 





God damn that is a nice clean version of it! Will have to cut that out and put in my "misc squarepusher" folder...

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1 hour ago, beerwolf said:

Why would you create this topic and then just say oh it’s probably not gonna happen?

I’m probably half way through my life, just fucking get on with it. Release it just or just don’t fucking bother.

I don’t get this bullshit of Ohh Tom is never connected to his fans. I’m pretty fucking sure someone on here has a beer with him or a glass of wine. And he knows  the fucking score with these tunes.

Maybe it’s just me floating in some strange fucking world, but most of his fans are probs got hair around their balls and cock. And got life to deal with.

All the kickstarter, charity stuff sounds a bit cringeworthy. Rich did it first and that was cool, this will not have the same effect as the return of Aphex Twin. 

Just press it up and release it. Or don’t bother. 



Relax there fella, we are on a forum dedicated to the discussion of music of a few artists. I dont think a thread with the intention of possibly getting some auld tunes released in physical form is that offensive. Hunger is the best sauce and all that.

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yes I came back here under the cloak of darkness on a clandestine mission to quietly delete my old post, a voice was telling me c'mon steve go back and get rid of that angry, belligerent post on the Squarepusher forum, be a good boy, no need for bad vibes

but of course it gets quoted 😃

anyway sorry for the full moon post 🤝

(it happens from time to time)

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Probably a wiser tactic than starting a bar room brawl. Been obsessing over these tracks (and on the scale of obsessive within the realms of watmm, I think I’m very  low down the scale) for a long, long time. Feel like a rat in a cage being prodded with a sharp, pointy stick. Being prodded isn’t very nice. The world is hard enough at the moment. I’ll shut up 👌


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