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Methyl Orange LP - 2x12"


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So recently I got a request from a user if there is a possibility to do a Kickstarter similar to the Caustic Window LP we did back in 2014 for Tom's "Methyl Orange" LP, a 2x12" whitelabel apparently only given to Richard, Chris Jeffs, GWC, and potentially a few other mates. Was destined for MEN Records (a Rephlex sublabel) back in 2003 but never saw the light of day.

Wait - what? "Methyl Orange LP"? I'd never heard of it until now...

So, a bit of Googling (you get a lot of science-y stuff if you just Google "Methyl Orange"), and I did find where I am assuming Tom played these tracks live for WARP20 and keyfumbler posted it to Mixcloud:

A comment on the Mixcloud page seems to indicate this set contains tracks from that LP, and Richard has played some in recent live sets:


unseenforces11mo ago

nice one. this had all those sought after tracks that everyone thought was aphex. turned out it was a TJ whitelabel he only released to mates. Methyl Orange.

Anyone have more info? I would like to know a bit more, and the possibility of a Kickstarter is highly unlikely, but I'd like to know more.

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Bancdamp / Bleepstore / Warp would be an amazing option as well, I'd rather have mastered version than vinyle rips. I'd pay nice money to finally be able to compulsively listen to those tracks in HD.

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Sharing the tunes would need Tom's approval anyway. Would be absolutely amazing if you could make it happen though Joydad.

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Would be really cool if this happened - would be a huge pickmeup for a bunch of fans feeling the relentless onslaught that has been 2020 so far! 

I mean it won’t pay my back mortgage payments or anything lol but yeah.

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