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  1. Yeah but ms2000 is a classic and it’s the same engine. It doesn’t sound weak, just unique.
  2. this may not actually be worth the money.
  3. I love my ms2000. Microkorg never captured me due to lack of one knob per function
  4. Ok it sound like a comb filter to me. Mmm
  5. The cycles is the closest thing they’ve done. I hope they add some more machines to it. I will always want a monomachine... ...but some nice parameter locked patterns on the cycles gets you pretty close.
  6. man these are so cool. Totally fresh aesthetic for me that I really agree with.
  7. Those cross braces are so chaotic and beautiful. I love the look of furniture that looks like you built it by stacking up wood planks on elder scrolls oblivion. its crazy how easy we have it with portable table saws and stuff. One can mill down the parts for those Maris in 30 minutes.
  8. If anyone still wants to talk about carpentry, I’m self-employed and do framing and finish carpentry. i started by building my own studio furniture 8 years ago and just kept adding on skills from there.
  9. I think cycles might be the winner, which I kind of already decided before I started this thread. I would LOVE a d05 but they seem hard to come by. sorry if I wasn’t clear but I really just wanted to poll y’all. I have a cycles, and it’s probably the best thing for the price by far. It’s honestly cooler than the DT.
  10. Yeah I have a cycles and it’s freaking crazy for $300.
  11. Forgot to add, should be poly. Cycles is mono but has 6 voices so yeah I don’t think it’s the same as a mono synth. I have plenty of synths reaching up into the $2500 range, this thread is not about saving up for something better, it’s for what can be had for that price. person I’m getting it for used to have a Roland gaia, which is a criminally underrated synth from before the digital synth boom of the late 2010s. Roland has since gone in a terrible direction imo.
  12. Qualifiers are: A. You need to be able to make patches on the synth itself, editors don’t count B. Could be a stand-alone synth or a groove box, as long as it has synthesis. C. I envision most people are using gear alongside a DAW, so something that has audio over USB would be a consideration. D. $400 max the two that come to mind for me right now are the reface CS and a model cycles. Both are super cheap and can do a ton of stuff. Honestly if I had to pick one cheap piece of gear, it would be cycles, but something like a CS would be really cool to just have as a quick way to build patches and record.
  13. I would get an Apollo or RME if I could. For now I just need a good ADA for my pro40. The Uli ada8200 is out of stock right now
  14. Trouble with resonators is I find they are all pretty obvious and samey. I use them on almost every track, but it is hard to graduate past the general sound of positive or negative feedback with a dash of band pass filtering thrown in. on the subject though, ableton’s physical modeling synths and corpus also use a very similar algorithm. I use corpus A LOT with a midi side chain, and map several parameters to envelope followers and LFOS, then usually really tame it with some transient smudging stuff.
  15. I guess really omnisphere is about getting the newest thing Eric Persing is working on, since he has been responsible for so many famous sounds over the past 30-40 years.
  16. 11 years later... i listened to a recent podcast where four tet was raving about omnisphere. Maybe he was just doing it to get a kickback because it was one of the sponsors of the pod (the Jamie Liddell audiophiles one), but it still got me interested. what is the actual value in something like this? Yeah it has a huge mod matrix with like 128 total oscillators, but you can easily build complex instrument racks in ableton with tons of voices. So then the only limit in both cases is your processing power. All the videos on omnisphere are too cringe to watch, but from what I can tell, this is essentially a big box of presets, or as one HOW TO MAKE R&B on omnisphere video put it, “the google of presets”, which doesn’t interest me as much as spending the money on a emu proteus 2, Roland sound canvas, jv1080, and or a d-50. the sounds I’ve heard on omnisphere are all pretty cheesy but do sound very “good”.
  17. Yeah Owen, we’ve had formative experiences here. 10 years ago was an amazing time to be posting. Things feel really different now but I also believe there is a groundswell back to the authenticity that may have diminished somewhat since the trump era. I’m definitely reeling from this and feel weird because there’s no one I can talk to irl about it. i feel like we need to be more honest with each other and try to really take care of one another, and put that far above trying to seem cool on the internet. Doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice whatever permutations of humor grow here and on discord.
  18. This really hit me. Always really liked his posts and talking to him in chat. Also, his productions were ahead of the curve, like making OPN level stuff before OPN made it. While it was sad and a weird thing when Sophie died, this feels very personal and is hurting deep.
  19. I was listening to Sophie in 2013, 8 years ago man. this song is a banger
  20. i made half of this in drambo for the iphone.snash.mp3
  21. But it’s so good on iPad. Why is iPad music making always relegated to toy?
  22. Lol iPad is some fertile ground for making music. The only difficulty is limiting yourself. There are so many great options, but a good starting point is just get korg gadget and go off. ive made tracks that have turned into music distributed by rubadub on the iPad. beatmaker 2 is my fav all time app, followed by maybe korg gadget. I’ve been into iOS music making for probably 10+ years though, because I had an iPhone before I had any gear.
  23. Back in 2011 when I first joined this forum, my wife and I lived in the basement of a forest house in Ohio for $400 a month, all bills paid. That’s also right around the time korg started releasing new stuff. My monotron is still sitting on my desk.
  24. I really enjoy Apple Music. Music was always my main reason for liking apple. also yeah I’ve heard about people using soulseek. Didn’t it get taken down completely a while ago or something
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