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RTR - 61 Cygni [AF043LP]

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what we have here is some dank techno. track 1 destroys. track 2 takes you to space. etc. it is out today. 




61 Cygni /ˈsɪɡni/ is a binary star system in the constellation Cygnus, consisting of a pair of K-type dwarf stars that orbit each other in a period of about 659 years. Of apparent magnitude 5.20 and 6.05, respectively, they can be seen with binoculars in city skies or with the naked eye in rural areas without photopollution.

61 Cygni first attracted the attention of astronomers when its large proper motion was first demonstrated by Giuseppe Piazzi in 1804. In 1838, Friedrich Bessel measured its distance from Earth at about 10.4 light-years, very close to the actual value of about 11.4 light-years; this was the first distance estimate for any star other than the Sun, and first star to have its stellar parallax measured.



A K-type main-sequence star, also referred to as a K-type dwarf or an orange dwarf, is a main-sequence (hydrogen-burning) star of spectral type K and luminosity class V. These stars are intermediate in size between red M-type main-sequence stars ("red dwarfs") and yellow/white G-type main-sequence stars. They have masses between 0.5 and 0.8 times the mass of the Sun






who is rtr? just rtr. also it's guavid.


i hope earth and space enjoy this internet post. please check out this excellent music and be nice to each other. thanks



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  • Rubin Farr changed the title to RTR - 61 Cygni [AF043LP]

Too much commercial around the label and bandcamp bs, that "mysterious artist" approach is also lame and overused. 

The music is okey but too much 303 in there 


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finding this to be really good. cool, new-sounding, and impressive sounds in the production/mix. 


acidnbknight seems to be a nightmail homage with tuss pads, and a very good one

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