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Aphex Twin And His Impact On Popular Culture (YouTube Documentary)

Rubin Farr

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I liked the interviews with Toop/Nicholson and the fans

At last somebody mentioned the soundcloud dump, albeit for 20 sec, but that deserves its own documentary tbh

As usual nobody mentioned his DJ skills, live sets, visuals,  different tour epochs etc... again.. this in itself is documentary worthy in its own right,

so a 3/10 for the interviews and not much else



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I think you'd have to be alive back then having lived through the 80's with limited knowledge of underground dance music to truly grasp the explosion of creativity that was discovering Aphex Twin. 

As a kid. Not some cultured person in mid life with tons of knowledge about Eno, Cage, Parmegiani Tudor or whoever. Or Detroit techno. Or Miami bass. I think Aphex knew and listened to these guys, but I didnt. 

So he blew my little mind back then. 

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                                                          oops, wrong birthday on this doc

                                                                        august 18, 1971

                                                                            not aug 17


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