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I guess it was arguably worse back then when the internet wasn't available and the media had an easier time pandering to this bullshit. I've heard about this episode long before I watched it (one of Biafra's spoken word albums mentioned it) - it's still a bit surreal to watch: Juan Williams!? Jello Biafra in a suit!? Ice-T pre-Law & Order!? Tipper Gore lol - she's so comically wrong - reminds me of Reverend Lovejoy's wife from the Simpsons. I guess if W winning in 2000 had one positive consequence it was preventing her from being the first lady.

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the videos you find looking up obsolete technology...







hi, let's make a video before it ah-DIE. on. play. lets. fast. HAHAHUH! play. PAWS! heeey! play a-gen? it's ok! - it's aaahworking. how can I say? very nice. Stop. BLASSSST! bye bye.


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1st of all: thank you gmanyo and company for introducing me to imaginepark

2nd: These videos are next level shit. One can take the videos as they are, but they are so purified in their content that one's disposition shines through. The lack of detailed description about where they are, just having these anytown USA settings, makes these videos little parables.

3rd: whether or not it is intentional or just a product of my skewed mind, there is something lynchian about these videos. I can't put my finger on it

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My synthesis chambers are giving me the distinct impression that imaginefilms is artfully walking around the diseased cultural core of western society, simultaneously upholding traditional christian values and criticizing consumerism, in a way that isn't ironic, but isn't completely truthful. Obviously I'm just applying my skew to it, though.

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(videos spoilered in quote)

please watch this its important





^I thought the same thing, isaki


one of the weirdest channels.



It's seriously weird as fuck. I can't tell what point they're trying to make.

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