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That Caustic Window lp money went a long way


Posted Images

Guest ZeroHour



Edit: Bought monoliths & Wisps

nice early xmas gift

now all we need is TEH KONKLAVER

Edit2: wtf

is this?

5. AFX - Flutternozzle 06:28 127

6. AFX - In The Maze Park 01:31 91

7. AFX - Halibut Acid (Orig. Mix) 04:35 129


on analord 4

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new tracks on every Analord except for 10


edit: well, new as in unreleased, anyway


analord 01

8. AFX - Canticle Drawl (Alt. Version)  	00:36  	  	  	
9. AFX - Where's Your Girlfriend (Another Version) 	03:36 

analog 02

5. AFX - Carnival Acid  	03:32  	

analord 03

5. AFX - Stabbij  	04:21  	

analord 04

5. AFX - Flutternozzle  	06:28  	
6. AFX - In The Maze Park 	01:31 	
7. AFX - Halibut Acid (Orig. Mix) 	04:35 

analord 05

4. AFX - Reunion 2 (Alt. Version)  	06:23  

analord 06

7. AFX - Bodmin 1  	04:36  	
8. AFX - Bodmin 2 	04:17 
9. AFX - Bodmin 3 	05:26 

analord 07

4. AFX - Wabby Acid  	03:33 

analord 08

5. AFX - Backdoor.Berbew.Q [Tollwedgechord Mix]  	04:59  	

analord 09

5. AFX - Liptons B Acid  	05:47 

analord 10

same as before

analord 11

4. AFX - Backdoor.Ranky.S 4  	02:29  	
5. AFX - Not Disturbing Mammoth 1 (Mono) 	02:05 	
6. AFX - Not Disturbing Mammoth 2 (Mono) 	02:00 	
7. AFX - Love 7 	04:45 	
8. AFX - 3 Notes Con 	04:54 	
9. AFX - VBS.Redlof.B (Bass Version) 	03:28

Edited by zazen
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