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Put on your tinfoil hats.


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It is inevitable now that some of us, in the near future, will decide to become true cyberpunks. The internet will no longer be the medium of communication for those trying to remain anonymous, underground. Public space is already in the process of becoming part real, part virtual as well monitored, and militarized. Social networking will likely take on new, even more infrastructural forms and implant itself stronger in the populace. Those of us who don't agree with the way the world is moving will have to wear masks of some sort, physical or virtual. Communicating in secret will be the norm. Something deeper and more fleshed out than Tor will take this task on.


There will be a truly deep divide between those who play along with the game of our world, and those who choose to drop out of the predominant metanarrative.


What I'm typing right now will be indexed and linked to my personal profile, whose data input will reach an abrupt end sometime not so far off.



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So the FBI raided Binney's home and held him at gunpoint back in 2007 - the same man who was considered the NSA's technical genius. Ironic that they served the same government. Shows how corrupt our "national security" is.


Thank you for sharing this, Chassis.

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Guest RadarJammer
Code-named Stellar Wind, or "The Program" to insiders, the full scope of the surveillance has not been made public.


That's hilarious. I bet they also refer to themselves as "the company" like they do in all those shitty scifi shows and movies.

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Shouldn't it be fairly simple to see if your phone is recording and transmitting information on its own?



not necessarily, with sophisticated enough technology which I'm sure the NSA has had for years, you can track the GPS movements of a phone remotely even while it is off. Only taking the battery out will stop potential transmission


what bugs me about this whole reality is that there are so many people who take comfort in one of two modes of thought -"If you aren't doing anything wrong you don't have anything to hide" or -"So what? you can't stop the progression of technology, this is an inevitable result of communication technology becoming more advanced"


I dont have the energy right now to argue with either of these cop-out belief systems, but i will in a few days.


regardless of the obvious violation of our civil rights and violation of the law that happened after 9/11 in regards to mass surveillance, to me the biggest problem is people (of a younger generation) who are raised into a world where they assume that the government can watch them/spy on them if they wish to. This creates a massive chilling effect that is mostly imperceptible to the general population. Your behavior will be intrinsically changed and modulated based on even the unconscious thought that you may be watched.. It started with CCTV cameras everywhere and now it's expanded to private e-mails, phone calls and gps location. I personally believe this is by design. You can't do outright totalitarian fascism anymore in this world, especially in an advanced western society. People would resist it, but if you can simply intimidate people away from doing 'bad' things under the specter of surveillance you're essentially achieving the same results as a top down fascistic state but with less chance of people rising up against it.

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i'm afraid to edit my post because of the board glitch-out but I wanted to add that this man's revelations are not new information. Back in 2005 it was revealed by the NY times that this was happening, but even they decided to sit on the story for an entire year at the request of the White house (it very well could have cost Bush the 2004 election). Then all the democrats and republicans together voted on the telecom immunity bill, which effectively gives retro active legal immunity to any and all corporations that let the government use their information to spy on americans without warrants. It all sounds pretty ridiculous, but it's true

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