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A Civilized Discussion on Gender Issues

Guest A/D

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The first picture is bad, yeah. I'll admit that. But no worse than a man hitting a man or a woman hitting a man.


And the rest of them are self defense where the woman had it coming it attacked the person first


How is that "fucked up"


You'd be loling if it was a guy getting his ass handed to him but because it's a women Oh they're special and need to be protected.

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Guest Lucy Faringold



why is this thread not closed?


yeah i think we've all seen enough of this dude's self-hatred spewing outward

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GoDel I don't know where you live but if it is in the US or any other severely feminized country then you cannot possibly think you are being treated fairly in your divorce cases




What post of mine is this a response to?


Another comment I'd like to make


I've discussed this issue on forums where the average age is closer to ~16 and had a far more civil, logical and evidence based discussion of this issue than you people are presenting here. And the average age here is what, in the 23 range? Should be ashamed really

What? Something in your coffee?


Yeah GoDel take his advice - relax

Perhaps I missed someone hacking my account or something, but the last posts I've made were about a book by a woman who wrote about her experiences as dressing up like a man. And now you're saying I should relax? The only explanation is one where someone hacked my account, posted some crap. And that crap got deleted somewhere between then and now. Or are you talking about the discussion we've had a couple of days ago? I thought we were done, by I should relax nevertheless? Sounds like it's still bothering you. I'm pretty relaxed, btw. Maybe you're projecting?

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zeff you officially crossed the line, my friend


for the first time ever I reported a post


posting actual IRL violence against women


is not at all comparable to paintings

LOL okay


Report my posts with women being slapped in self defence


Don't report Dispairrant's post with men literally having their heads chopped off


Misandry in action

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