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Fascism In Ambient Music Culture


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"Utopia, like authoritarian fascism, mettles in the phenomenon of cultural symbiosis and uniformity."


you piece of parliamentary democratic scum


nah, they make some valid points about the kind of characters they describe, but i'm not sure these people are the main audience of any sort of ambient music. leibach's cover of life is life said basically the same thing (the emphasis of hippy ideology on unity and raw life experience is also the base of a fascistic outlook of what constitutes society) but it was more fun imo. at least they namedrop some women which are probably worth reading i guess.


i'm not sure the author establishes any connection between the worst aspect of hipsters and david tibet's taste for nazi imagery (which i also find disturbing tbh)


anyway, i strongly disagree that mobilisation through mass media and "loudspeakers" is fascistic in itself. in fact i think there's nothing wrong with genericity, precisely the problem is the passion for some sort of unspeakable experience that ties the group together - be it unfathomable aryanness or some mumbo-jumbo hippy bollocks. i'm always shocked that people always criticise the supposedly mechanical aspect of nazism and use it as a token to criticise modernism/industrial societies as a whole, when the core of nazism was strongly antimodern and not very mechanical at all


likewise i don't think objectification is always a useful concept, and i'm not sure it is here



"While Muggs is correct in stating that ambient music’s reemergence is due to normal cultural cycles, it disregarded that political oppression likewise occurs in cycles, and the most sinister ones have still do embody unfaltering mechanical formations, manufactured by repetitive broadcasting of political rhetoric."



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Guest Chesney

ambient quells the power hunger. if I didn't listen to JMJ as a kid i'm pretty sure there would be the UK version of an American school shoot em up. Probably would have tore everyones stickers up, burst footballs and cut skipping ropes. Maybe even threw everyones marbles down the drain. Pretty sure JMJ saved many lives.

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To be serious, are there any studies, books or articles on ambient music's relationship to politics, religion and mysticism? Could be interesting.


Also I don't think there's a coherent ambient music culture? I've been listening to ambient music for 20 years and never felt that it made me a member of some group, even when I've been to live shows. Just a bunch of nerds and hippies making weird sounds in their bedrooms to another bunch of nerds and hippies.

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i'm not sure the author establishes any connection between the worst aspect of hipsters and david tibet's taste for nazi imagery (which i also find disturbing tbh)


Apart from Swastikas for Noddy, the title of which was based on something he saw during an acid trip, and Hitler as Kalki which is dedicated to his father for fighting Hitler in WW2, David Tibet displays no interest in Nazi imagery. He's not Douglas P.

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