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Best Debut Songs


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Funny, I burned Kill 'em All onto my ipod last week after it gnawing at my brain for the last month to have a relisten ( probably 3 years since I last heard it).


Hit the Lights is indeed a great opening salvo....then followed up by Four Horsemen. Still managed to floor me again all these years later. Incredible.

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Guest murphythecat8

dont eat the yellow snow- apostrophe- zappa

My dogan - kettel

Shpongle falls- shpongle

xtal- SAW

Ole - coltrane

so what- miles davis

first song- brian eno- music for airposrts

uziq- Xretp


if I have to choose just one, it would be kettel- my dogan. thats robably my desert island song, wait, no maybe ole for the desert island song.

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xtal- SAW


my first experience with Aphex Twin was the Come to Daddy video. Specifically, the first minute of the come to daddy video where it's all weird mechanical ambience and a dog pissing. I was like, "wait this is the guy critics call techno mozart?" and turned it off before the song proper even began


Few months later I d/l SAW85-92 on a whim. Within the first three seconds of Xtal I was a fan. And then the kick drum hit & I thought "gottdamn who mixed this, helen keller?"...but eventually I was sucked back into the wonky home-made logic of the thing

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^ '... Baby One More Time' was her debut jeez!!!1


Brian started strong with 'Needle In The Camel's Eye'...




Probably a long shot finding Chris Whitley fans on WATMM, but his debut album is a modern blues masterpiece.



oops! Damnit!!!! I meant to post Hit Me Baby, One More Time.. not sure what I was thinking.. all those titles sound the same to me. like rehashed pop song titles from the 50s lol

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