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Dead cat


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I don't live too far from Brixton and know the area well, post your address, I'll stakeout the place and get to the bottom of this mystery.

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Stop fighting.


In a way, we're all dead cats, aren't we?

Bunch of old pussies, more like :emotawesomepm9:


Someones got their claws out. What a catty remark.


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Looks like a cheap dinner from where I'm sitting.


where are you sitting?


somewhere completely surrounded by no beer?

Are you suggesting I have at one time had a drink one day?





Sorry, I channeled my mom and made an unforgivable Keeping Up Appearances reference for no real reason.


I am not proud of that.

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I thought years of poisoning cats and leaving them in peoples gardens had left unable to feel


Mystery, solved.


So this was a WATMM inside job.....

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