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V/A - Synthrotek​/​WR Modular Compilation


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New comp from wil-ru out now. Contains also a new track from Venetian Snares. Here's some info:


''or our 51st release, WR has joined forces with Synthrotek DIY electronics to bring you this 13 track compilation focusing on musicians working within the modular synth community. This compilation showcases the dynamic sound and versatility of the modular synthesizer, covering a wide variety of electronic terrain from electro pop, acid, noise, IDM, drone, krautrock, industrial, abstract experimentation and sound sculpture. Drawing from both WR artists (Koolmorf Widesen, The Swedish Movements and Cliff White) and other talented artists/producers from around the globe (Twin Braids, Tanuki House, Venetian Snares Rodent516 and more), this group of tracks is intended to draw attention to the strange world of modular music and the community of musicians working in this unusual format. Sponsored by Sythrotek "Classic Noise", the world's source for DIY audio electronics kits.''



1. Twin Braids – Moments Like These
2. Koolmorf Widesen – ZheRave
3. The Swedish Movements – Flesh Canopy Bullet Riders
4. Surachai – Form Thirty-Five
5. Ralph Barton – Unlimitid Infinity
6. Venetian Snares – Burst Carpenter
7. Tanuki House – 3-D World Runner
8. Sound Out Light – Composition For Beyond Rainbow Dome
9. Cliff White – Slow Noise Day
10. Rodent516 – Tomsoroma
11. The Adytum – Seven Star Sails
12. Eolian Mollisol – Nandodrone
13. Jatun – The Shattered World


CD version available on wil-ru site


Digital lovers go to bandcamp

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