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Mont Saint Michel... From A Drone


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I thought someone made a drone (as in loooooong notes) cover version of St Michaels Mount LOL


I was there last summer and it was a beautiful place. Ive also been to mont saint michel so i can wear my afx fan badge with pride! Highlight of that cornwall trip though was spending five minutes at Redruth school. Two builders wondered why the hell i wanted to snap a photo of the place. ”Don’t miss the container there” they said. The photo turned out great and slightly depressing

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been there before some years back, quite a beautiful place. crawling with tourists though. i remember the guide showing us a demonstration of quicksand patches that form when the water retreats. also remember looking at a ton of medieval swords in the souvenir shop, and eating chips on one of the little squares. good times

also completely forgot I even made this account. so first post, well second now.

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