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  1. Love this stuff, but wish was all instrumental. Definitely picking this one up though.
  2. Yikes, shipped to the US, over $100 USD for the vinyl or $65 USD for the both the CDs (and I believe he still uses CDrs which do not work in one of my CD players😞 ) I want to support, but that is quite a lot for 2 CDs. While I'll likely pick up the digital, even those are more than I usually pay for two CDs (close to $35 USD)
  3. Couldn't resist the CD boxset (https://pelagicrecords.indiemerch.com/item/105153). I couldn't imagine doing the vinyl boxset, as I typically prefer to listen to albums like these all in one uninterrupted go.
  4. Last week I made the decision to hold off on the 2022 calendar until it was complete and released on Bandcamp as was frustrated seeing these posted up in WAV/FLAC after only getting MP3 from buy on FSOLD, so this was a real nice surprise.
  5. I picked this up, agreed, a bit quirky and fun Freeform sounding stuff, love it.
  6. After seeing mention of Atmospherics and some of the different Influx releases, but really wanted to mention Bernard's Symphony For A Biomechanical Breakdown release. This was one of my favorite 90s IDM releases and still gets regular play here. Highly recommended if not familiar with his work.
  7. There is a 2xCD version on the Bandcamp page now that contains most of the remixes on the second CD: CD2 Features- The 'After Dark" remix versions by 36 The ‘Other’ remix versions by awakened souls
  8. It'll be on the Touched Bandcamp page on the 4th. Hasn't been released, but Martin said nothing from Parts in the Post.
  9. This is a real quality ambient label, can't recommend enough people check it out while the prices are cheap. Personal favs are the Ambidextrous and Autumn Of Communion, but it's all good stuff.
  10. I'm not sure if Canada had the same RSD releases as US, but the FSOL and AA releases were not available in US. That aside, I couldn't agree more, actually quite dislike RSD. As someone who goes to the local shops every week, I find it irritating as hell that I have to line up at the crack of dawn if I want something on RSD. I guess this year was probably great for the shops as hopefully still pulled in people who only visit 1-2 a year and as I want all the shops to survive Covid, shouldn't complain. I skipped, just regular record shopped last weekend, got the one US release I cared about (Sun Ra box set)
  11. Of course, 20 minutes later and I still have not managed to order my CD... someone tell these guys that Bandcamp is a-ok...?
  12. Picked this up. I did not expect a big, folded up copy of the chart from the first post to be included.
  13. I'd happily pay 15% more so they could get their expected income if they moved to Bandcamp.
  14. I wouldn't consider a new Apple laptop until after they made the switch. Just not sure I want to wait until then before I get something new.
  15. After reading this, I read up on this and did find a number of things referring to the speed seeming to be slower. I appreciate you mentioning this, I had read a number of reviews but not encountered any references to it, but once I looked specifically, seemed to come up a number of times.
  16. Is anyone else here using a ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7? I'm looking at potentially picking one up ( i7-10510U processor, 16gb) - I would be using mostly with Live + Diva, Hive, Zebra2 and Max 8. Nothing about this is upgradable, so curious if anyone is using one of these for something similar that can comment on their experience... seems like should handle no problem. My mid 2015 MBP just isn't keeping up with Live with u-he synths like it used to, is constantly in a state of running out of space, driving me crazy.
  17. I'm digging this quite a bit, despite the name (I hear Stereo Dwarf, I cannot help think of Ralphus from Bloodsucking Freaks). There is a kickstarter for a 2xCD release of this ending very soon. Stereo Dwarf - Echoes Of Existence Stereo Dwarf is an ambient/chillout solo project by Kristian Thinning Andersen (Elysium/Sheyba) focusing on atmospheric, spacey and pulsing soundscapes, experimental psychedelica, evolving journeys, ambient washes, reverberating electronic textures, sequencers and rhythmic textures. Inspiration is taken from genres such as "Berlin School" (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze) with a modern sound and Kristian's own touch. https://digitalreprints.bandcamp.com/album/echoes-of-existence
  18. Still can't download Dublin 24bit.
  19. Not sure if it has been mentioned, but the official GC remaster will also be available on CD, and will include the bonus material like the vinyl. Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  20. This is really good, definitely needs more attention, and definitely has not received enough play here since I picked it up.
  21. brap23

    US tour dates

    Surprised not seeing a lot of talk about the recent US dates! Excited to see in Seattle tomorrow. They have any merch at recent shows?
  22. Never heard of these guys, but I was scrolling through posts and thought 'Giant Swan'?, um ok, maybe not. Then I accidentally clicked into the thread, followed the Bandcamp link, now excited to go pick this up in a local shop today. Love this!
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