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Velum Break - Cloaca EP (AF036)

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Dope! Previews sounding lush as expected!


Didn’t see a thread for this, delete if duplicate.

Birmingham based Velum Break lumbers on to Analogical Force with his debut EP; his glistening Cloaca. 
Dripping with infectious warpings, rhythmic engorgements and low end turgidities, this record beckons the dandy inside of you and guarantees excitement of the greatest depths. Auralities and pleasurements not to be missed. Make haste and godspeed.


Edited by Hugh Mughnus
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Big Velum Break fan here, been really enjoying the Oh Boy EPs lately. I think Bench Manoeuvres was my most listened to album of 2019 😂.

The previews sound like a nice representation of his style/s. Hype

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been waiting for velum to unleash his glistening cloaca onto the world. i hear its dripping and engorged.


for real tho, this record is fuckin dope, long live the velum!

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