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‘Shorts’ by Squarepusher x Adam Buxton


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On 8/5/2023 at 3:55 PM, Richie Sombrero said:

Bit weird to just not release a proper track if you want to raise money but ok.

yeh in the middle of new aphex hype and now autehcre '22... this titbit seems just rediculous and not-well-thought out. A 40 sec old track with some nonsense vocal? I totally dig Buxton but.... big nope from me

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On 8/16/2023 at 4:51 AM, phudoshin said:

Omg that Adam ... i did a mini remix WITH a squarepusher track 3 years before that clip! 

No charity tho


I swear you won second place in the Luke Vibert Spiral Staircase competition; hence my remark in the SP thread. Is my memory that bad? lol

Oh wait, it was the Squarepusher 4001 remix competition wasn't it? The one with the STEMS. 🙂 


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15 hours ago, phudoshin said:

yeh twas a farty remix i did with the stems - shoulda called it "raspberry mix"



Thats the one! Farty or not I like it 😄 


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