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So there probably has been a thread about this already but regardless it deserves another.


Anyone on here who has not heard the autechre radio mix yet is selling themselves rediculously short.


I chopped it up into the 9 parts, so I will refer to them as 1-9.


track 2 is fan-fucking-tastic. Absolutely everything about this track just bleeds quality and polish IMO.


Track 3 and 4 are really good downtempo/moody tracks. Esp #4, its easily one of my favourite tracks of all time period. That puff of steam noise they use from time to time (Iera, second section of quaristice set) is so badass.


Absolutely awesome bass in #6, but the vocal samples sort of ruin it if you ask me.


The last couple are fairly decent too, havent really gotten into them yet tho.


But seriously guys, any AE fans who have not heard this go check the Download section immediately or face the wrath of the AE gods.

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I think Radio Mix from 1997 that came as a promo for an upcoming album. I got the following as the tracklist:


gescom - mag (ae remix)

lexis - hypnotise (autechre remix)

gescom - keynell (remix)

slowly - on the loose (for internal use only)

push button objects - non-existant (keyed in by gescom)

jimi tenor - take me baby (fucked up remix)

impulse - one six four seven (numbers rammed down my ear mix)

edge of motion - earth ball (autechre remix)

skinny puppy - killing game (autechre remix)


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Yeah, there was already a thread about this, but fuck it, the radio mix is awesome. For me it's basically the next best thing to the remixes compilation that'll never be. the slowly and PBO remixes are soooo good.


I need a mic check!

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Guest PusillanimousRex

It was a one-hour promotional DJ mix of Ae & Gescom remixes from the time, released as a small CD print run for publicity purposes back in 1997. There were only 500 copies all told.

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pm kirm or marked x one, I yousendit'd it to them, i would provide the link but i'm at work and cant get into the yousendit login for some reason.


that or remind me tomorrow or something and i'll pm you guys

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Guest Ultravisitor
yeah I'm at work again... i'll post it in the thread so that we dont have to keep sending pm's out.


i didn't realize this many people have not heard this gem!

wicked, please do, i lost my copy of it when my hard drive died.

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slsk, my friend. 8 of the 9 the tracks on it are remixes that ae have done


1.1 Gescom - Mag 3.1426 (Rmxd By Ae)

1.2 Lexis - Hypnotise (Autechre Remix)

1.3 Gescom - Keynell (Remix)

1.4 Slowly - On The Loose (Autechre's For Internal Use Only Mix)

1.5 Push Button Objects - Nonexistent (Keyed In By Gescom)

1.6 Jimi Tenor - Take Me Baby (Remix)

1.7 Impulse - One-Six-Four-Seven (Numbers Rammed Down My Ear Mix)

1.8 Edge Of Motion - Earthball (Autechre Remix)


and all of them are awesome

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