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Need more weird techno


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Hey... I'm desperatly looking for more weird techno-idm-stuff. I love Clark's Turning Dragon... its bitterness, the in-your-face-attitude, no compromises, aggressiv and stupid sometimes... but sometimes really complex and multi-layered and personal...


Well anway... if you know some more weird techno stuff that could suit me please post!

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Guest Adam

I would like to know some stuff similar to clark too. Turning Dragon is his worst album imho, but still absolutely amazing compared to everything other.

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Guest Jimbob

Surgeon/Autechre/Vex'd/Monolake - Whose Bad Hands Are These (remixes)

Exile - Hanzo Steel Cuts EP?



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Guest disparaissant

those are some really good picks ^^



max tundra rules


i like his more recent vocal mutant pop stuff a lot too


not really all that indicative of his oeuvre as a whole, but i really like this video/version of this song


i'll post more as i think of more unless this is all garbage you don't want to hear.

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Thanks alot for all your ideas. I'm a bit slow so I recently just checked out Surgeon & the Tim Exile EP... the Surgeon stuff is exactly what I'm after... great EPs... and it's good to know Exile can sound quite good without weird singing...

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Well the Max Tundra stuff is funny anyway but I don't see a connection to my request...


The Jetone & Polmo Polpo tracks are very nice!


But I seriously need more aggressive, mean, punchy and antisocial techno stuff...

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