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Two Lone Swordsmen Thread


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get Stay Down




Tiny Reminders



you will forever be pleased with these records....


get Radioactive Man - Booby Trap as well...


it one half of Two Lone Swordsmen and incredible!

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Guest ezkerraldean

fucking love them! get all the earlier little albums and EPs and shit.


swimming not skimming

stockwell steppas

virus with shoes

stay down

tiny reminders


i think fifth mission was good but i don't have it anymore


double gone chapel bores me a bit

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Guest chunky

anybody remember these guys from back when warp records put out interesting electronic music? really liked their style, was very simple and had interesting beats and samples that didnt sound like someone else's music. and the bass lines were solid man, as if they'd put a lot of thought into their tracks


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Guest Shit Attack

only had that tiny reminders album which was pretty cool, the tune above was on it i think . does put the boring bland tunes warp etc put out nowadays to shame .


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Listened to this album yesterday!! Classic.


I even remember the NME giving this a 9/10!! Probably because Wetherall was flavour of the month after his work with Primal Screams Scremadelica (which I've always though a bit of a snooze-fest)

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