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Ministry - Same Old Madness


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I really like everything they did up to and including Psalm 69. Am I crazy in thinking Al Jourgensen totally lost it after that?


that's where i'm at really, aside from some scattered good tracks.

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Been checking out pre-industrial Ministry, so far had a blast of Twitch which I thought was okayish, nothing mind blowing though. Gonna try With Sympathy in the next few days.


Found this live video of Stigmata which looks totaly fucking nuts! (With Tim Leary in tow). It's quite interesting to see how this band evolved from Same Old Madness to Psalm 69 but you can see a very fine thread of darkness there.



I have heard Houses of the Mole and there are some good tracks on there, just in case you thought the whole Ministry thing came to an end after Psalm 69.


Oh yeah, cheers for the mp3 :biggrin:

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Thanks for bumping this!

Ministry is great and so is this song (which I now feel to be one of their best).


With Sympathy is awesome, too.

Whenever I have a party, I put that on an let it play. Invariably, I'll have a few people inquire who it is. I wish that happened with The Land of Rape and Honey :lol:

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the cover of Sabbath's Supernaut. there was some story here about a disagreement with TVT and Trent Reznor's vocals ending up being swapped out for Al's, not sure what it was exactly. this is Al's version.

Oh? I thought it was still Reznor, just distorted?

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Al has gone off the deep end recently with his appearance, (although he says he's clean and sober) but he made his long promised country album finally, and it's one of his best since the RevCo days:









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