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Monolog X - The Shape Of X To Come

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'The Shape Of X To Come' - a dazzling album of Zappa meets Braindance.


After releasing 8 EP's on various labels, Monolog X debuts on Swishcotheque with his first ever long play. This masterful project showcases 11 diverse tracks experimenting with accordion, voice, piano and electric guitar.


Treat yourself to this exceptional lp and hit the link below :




Oh yeah, did I forget to mention it is free.... :w00t:

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Check out 'Finales' on I will bite your style or 'Welcome to Mono' on Mono Trash (which looks like a LP to me tho); lovely stuff! The new album wont disappoint me either, I bet.

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I like the sound of those samples. The Zappa reference baffles me though.

You can hear it when listening straight through the release. The way his theme's jump around in his longer songs. By the way, I copied that write up at the beginning from the label page.
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