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Name one thing about modern day life that really irritates you


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What one thing really irks you, really makes you gnash your teeth or just gets your back up for no reason? It's probably something small and trivial but to you it just represents all that is wrong with the world.

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small thing? people being idiots about the futuristic technology we already have access to. So much wasted potential.

But tbh this doesn't irk me at all.


There is pretty much just this one thing which makes me disproportionately angry:









fucking C A R S


They must go away. It is insane. Everywhere you look, there they are: CARS! How the fuck can it be legal to shove 1.5 tons of lethal steel around just to transport your lazy fat ass around? Making fucking noise all the time, making life in the city dangerous to everyone, fucking up the air? You drive a car? FUCK YOU.

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 I forgot to save all the firefox linked tabs when i changed operating systems on the HTPC and now i can't find this artblog that i would visit from time to time, searching for this kind of thing on google (well startpage) is no help, no halp at all.


 /there you go, a post that fits the OP.

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the alt right vs SWJ cultural war, its fucking boring and it takes way too much time, attention and energy from our collective mind. Its ruining mainstream internet too


yup, with the extremes each trying to out-idiot one another (though one side is definitely dumber and in general shittier than the other, no prizes for guessing which one). gamergate was pretty soul destroying as well, similarly with extreme-dumb on both sides, but thankfully people tend not to talk about that so much any more.


also agree re reddit, eugh.



the horrendous state of modern pop music, which probably started really kicking off sometime in the 80s, and only seems to get worse every year.

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