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I tend to believe record labels are the best way to explore new music. So watmm, what are some of your favorite labels out right now? I'll start with Banoffee Pies out of Bristol. The speed garage + breaks combo is lovely.



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Also out of Bristol, neither of the latter two are that obscure... I really enjoy Pressure Dome https://pressuredome.bandcamp.com/, Livity Sound https://livitysound.bandcamp.com/, and Timedance https://timedance.bandcamp.com/

Some others I dig:

  • London's Scuffed Recordings https://scuffedrecs.bandcamp.com/
  • Martyn moved to Washington DC for who knows what reason but his label 3024 is putting out great material and along with Livity Sound's recent material has some of the loveliest album art I've seen with a recognizable style that lets you see at a glance who something is carried by https://3024world.com/
  • Orson's Version is very solid, kinda the German bass/dubstep record label
  • Nostro Hood System https://nostrohoodsystem.bandcamp.com/ puts out some cool "hard drum" stuff as do Even the Strong https://eventhestrong.bandcamp.com
  • Príncipe is responsible for releasing a lot of great music out of Lisbon, check out styles you may never have heard of like tarraxinho, batida, and kuduro! https://principediscos.bandcamp.com/
  • Hakuna Kulala https://hakunakulala.bandcamp.com/ are based in Kampala, Uganda and releasing a bunch of the latest and greatest stuff from there and other parts of Africa along with the also great Nyege Nyege Tapes https://nyegenyegetapes.bandcamp.com
  • Brothers From Different Mothers is a great French label based in Lyon putting out some cool stuff, J-ZBEL's album with them last year was one of my favourite things, some breaks, some clubby sounds
  • https://knightwerk.bandcamp.com/ Knightwerk Records is a lot of "global club" from various locales
  • More Time are based in London https://moretimerecords.bandcamp.com/ and have some cool modern producers but have also even released something by the legendary Zed Bias
  • Nervous Horizon are also purveyors of hard drum and have a bunch of the stuff that combines influence from Middle Eastern percussion wonderfully, such as that by DJ Plead and TSVI https://nervoushorizon.bandcamp.com/
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Thanks !

Recently, I’ve tremendously enjoyed releases by Superpang, Outlines and Gin & Platonic. Will post the links when I’m back on my computer.


https://superpang.bandcamp.com/ : killer releases by EVOL, Yves De Mey, New Tendencies and William Fields
https://outlineslabel.bandcamp.com/ : I especially love the Kindohm and Renick Bell releases, stellar
https://ginandplatonic.bandcamp.com/ : Kindohm's EP is pretty, pretty, pretty good

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Well, there's obviously Skam, Touch, Kompakt, Brainfeeder, NOTON, CPU, R&S, Hospital, Hyperdub, Ninja Tune,.. I think everyone here knows most of these?

Some lesser known maybe that release music from more than one person/group and weren't yet mentioned:

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