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  1. nice. i pull out car paint scheme now and then. will check this out!
  2. Yamaha A series samplers are awesome though I think they got some press recently which might have inflated prices a bit. https://www.musictech.net/reviews/vintage-rewind-yamaha-a3000/
  3. Multifunktionsebene is the only one i like, neo ouija vibes
  4. 4 on the floor, trance chords, then vocals then heyyyy some granular synthesis and then hey that dumbass breakbeat
  5. Releases March 1, 2019: https://hypercolour-records.bandcamp.com/album/glad-to-be-sad Would like to hear a preview track but ordered anyway.
  6. there's a vinyl bootleg that shows up in stores on occasion. i've got a copy or two https://www.discogs.com/Caustic-Window-Caustic-Window-LP/release/8223152
  7. Been checking Forced exposure because I believe a lot of record shops in town use them as a distributor and the ship date keeps getting pushed back- https://www.forcedexposure.com/SearchResult.html?SearchType=Basic&Type=artist&Key=Objekt
  8. new rolando simmons is quite good. the vinyl is shipping 2019 so i have that to look forward to.
  9. I’ve listened to this five times but I can’t remember any of it
  10. nice. hot tub sound machine was rad as was the live set they did with it
  11. disk 2 of Xen Cuts https://www.discogs.com/Various-Xen-Cuts/release/49133 was my intro to ninja tune ~9th grade. i remember putting the first cd on and being supremely disapointed. a few days later i put in disc 2 and that was on repeat for a long long time. disc 3 is pretty dope as well err looking at the tracklist again i might have gotten disc 2 and three confused. a lot of nice things on disc 3!
  12. the sampling argument is played. sampling off of youtube is fine and fun. go for it. EOT
  13. or soundflower. the sooner you get over your fear of sampling, the sooner you will get good at sampling and no one will recognize your samples anyway. people are uploading pirated content left and right all over the place, i can guarantee no one is monitoring your soundcloud account trying to figure out where you got that flute sound at a minute twenty in.
  14. got the email. my teddies have shipped. six days until i have my teddies.
  15. My vote is for Tally Ho! as well. That is the one that really pulled me in. Musipal is pretty great too but not quite on the same level IMO.
  16. i think maybe those error messages were a result of things running out of stock.
  17. the richard devine ep has tons of nice melodies. glad he's getting less scared to go do melodies again though, at least in bits.
  18. nikisoko


    yeah this record is selling for gangbusters on discogs now :(. a local shop had it for $100 and I thought about it even though I dont even like it
  19. nikisoko

    Nord G2 Patches

    gotta pay u wanna play
  20. Ah, not sure that’s possible. I tend to just use a single pattrstorage per patch. You could try playing with greedy modes in pattrstorage but that would expose everything to the top level one so you would be back to enabling specific patches, removing the need for the extra pattrstorages
  21. simplest way is to open the clientwindow in pattrstorage and uncheck the x on any patchers you dont want to be modified. you can also use the active message with a path to an object. another thing you can do is use scoped recall messages. I've been doing that recently to have a kind of 'meta sequencer' thats sequencing my sequences. Instead of changing the entire patch at once, I use scoped recall messages to just change the preset for a particular subpatch or even just one object. throw in some interpolation and you can get crazy mutating patches. check out the scope tab on the pattrstorage help file.
  22. those g2 patches are pretty awesome. theres a lot of cool ideas using simple modules in interesting ways. In one drum patch they're using an inverter fed back on itself as a source thats driving a random click generator at audio rate to generate noise, which is then bandpass filtered/chorus'd etc. another one seems to be using a flipflop module to break up rhythms. definitely some fm-noise tricks in there too. pretty rad!
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