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µ-Ziq - Hello


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Pre-order: https://mikeparadinas.bandcamp.com/album/hello

Out november 4th.

"2022 with his 3rd release of new material this year.

‘Hello’ is the mirror image of the ‘Goodbye EP’. The intensity is heightened, the breaks more manic and melodies inhabit every corner. The material is the final chapter of the ‘Magic Pony Ride’ material and even includes a third version of that track. 'Iggy’s Song’ has a slowed down sample of Mike’s son screaming, ‘Ávila’ is an ode to his father’s hometown in Spain and ‘Green Chaos’ even includes a nod to RP Boo.

On Side B things get more interesting. ‘Pyramidal Mind Dispersion’ slows things down while amping up the tension, Modulating Angel is at drum & bass tempo but with a choir of angels from hell in the background, while the final two tracks recall the experimentation and melodies of Lunatic Harness."


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Got the email, went and pre-ordered it from Bandcamp where it said the release date was September 22nd, checked the Bandcamp app and it said November 4th, and now it's been moved to Private status. The link from thumbass' post no longer works. I guess it was posted too early? Was it meant to be a surprise release for tomorrow? WTF? At least I got the title track.

Update: Now the whole thing seems to have been unlocked for those who purchased it early. Don't know if this means it's still coming out tomorrow or what, but it's still listed as private.

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19 minutes ago, o00o said:

Its still on google


Hello | µ-Ziq | Mike Paradinas


Hello by µ-Ziq, releases 22 September 2022 1. Hello 2. Iggy's Song 3. Magic Pony Ride (Pt.3) 4. Green Chaos 5. Ávila 6. Pyramidal Mind Dispersion 7.
£ 7.99

Google Music? Wonder if it will release tomorrow.

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1 hour ago, Friendly Stranger said:

A bit odd that'd it would come out on Thursday and not Friday but who says that's the law anyways! I'm excited to hear this.

It wasn't coming out today, it was set for tomorrow. Today was only supposed to be the pre-order and release of the title track. Still not sure if it's dropping tomorrow or November, but if it doesn't drop tomorrow I won't be surprised if someone leaks it. Obligatory note that whomever would leak it will NOT BE ME.

Edit: Nevermind, I had a brain fart and was thinking today was Thursday, because...? Anyway, sorry, please ignore my comment about "It wasn't coming out today, it was set for tomorrow."

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1 minute ago, Dave3 said:
4 hours ago, thumbass said:

Original upload is still up, so that's something.

It says video unavailable, so I guess they pulled it. What was it?

Plays for me, its the title track.. sounds like it would fit snuggly in the earlier releases from this year, a few more breaks.

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